Way Cool Chilldisc

Way cool! Cooling technology that you can’t find anywhere else in Erie, PA. Right at the Bar!

With the largest selection of beer on tap in Erie, PA, we take cold beer seriously at Jekyll & Hyde’s. Our loyal customers are treated to a useful and unique bar experience with Chilldisc that are installed into our bar surface.

Chilldisc’s 4-inch stainless steel discs are chilled down to 26 degrees, allowing our guests to enjoy fresh, cold drinks down to the very last sip. This built-in beverage coaster is designed not only to keep drinks cold, but also provide a unique design element with a fiber-optic ring of beautiful colors circling each disc.

Chilldisc is a patented, extremely innovative technology that flush-mounts stainless steel discs into any bar or tabletop application. Place your beverage on the disc to keep it cold and fresh for a virtually infinite amount of time.

Outlined with a fiber optic ring of color (available in a variet of eight color options), Chilldisc makes a great visual statement. Etch your logo in the stainless steel or sell this prime advertising space to a sponsor… either way; you have a captive audience in your patrons. It’s an opportunity to make a statement like no one else. It’s fun. It’s unique. And it’s functional!