Pubs are meant to be places where anyone from the neighborhood can stop in to have a bite and a pint. A regular pub is sought more for its liquid fare than its fine cuisine. However, a gastropub like ours ups the ante on the food side of things.

What is a Gastropub?

gas•tro•pub [gastro pub] (plural gas•tro•pub) noun Definition: pub serving good food: a licensed bar that serves good-quality food

The word gastropub was coined in London in 1991, coming from the French word “gastronomique,” which means the study of food, and the British term for a public house or “pub”. A gastropub specializes in high quality food, several steps above the usual “pub grub”.

A gastropub is really the anti-restaurant – the kind of place where the quality of the food is superb, rivaling the best restaurants in the area, without the staid, stuffy atmosphere.

Jekyll & Hyde’s gastropub combines the cozy and comfortable ambiance of a pub along with our passion for amazing food and service. The fusion of traditional British and modern European food, along with our exclusive ales, traditional pub environment, and people passionate about service make Jekyll & Hyde’s a gathering place worthy of the term “gastropub”.